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January 06, 2022


Sausage fans were taken by surprise after Tesco deemed one of its pork products only suitable for adults over the age of 18 to purchase.

Name We Are Not Making Fun Of: “Fufu Fang”

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Might as well shred the constitution.

Veganism Now!

So they still sell it but it's in the adult toy section?

I never sausage a thing.

Does it come in a plain brown wrapper?

'Sausage Fans' makes me giggle.

Salami Fanciers

Charcuterie Enthusiasts

Cold Cut Devotees

Bologna Boosters

Say what you want about FuFu, but his wife fifi is pretty hot.

The Tesco computer system likely confused this sausage with the little-known Mexican chorizo de batalla or "Battle sausage") These were made from any available ground meat and other "stuff", rolled into long, generally 6 ft. links and dried to desired hardness. Later, the clubs or links could be sharpened into swords or shaved into stews if necessary. I believe battle sausages were banned under the Geneva Convention

However, I don't believe it would be a smart move to mess with anyone named Mr. Fang.

I suppose next they'll tell us the meat isn't kosher.

Wasn't Fang the name of Phyllis Diller's husband?

@ MOTW -

@ MOTW -
Sorry wrong link:

He should have bought two. They're also good to eat!

man tom---FuFu was an ok guy if you overlook a certain medical issue that affected him only on nights of a full moon.

LePetomane - glad you brought that up, an oversight on my part. A great, great grandson, Lon's mistress' kid who happened to be an albino, came in several years ago. Worst impacted canines, we had ever seen on a kid that wore short pants like He did and expected decent girls of the female persuasionto to like him despite his craving for fresh raw meat. He had a sister named Marilyn. We brought down her canines with a bumper jack off a '69 Chevelle and a tow chain and she won a beauty contest. Miss ‘Bulbous-Headed Naked Alien’. A title Kamala had held before her.

So today Lon's illegitimate son looks like this. He appeared at Woodstock. Bit the hell out of Neil Youn backstage which kept Nil from performing with Crosby, Still and Nash. You wouldn't recognize him after we pulled down those impacted canines with the '69 Chevelle jack. He strangely enough eith changed colors or saw his sister Marilyn crowned queen of the Pageant, got scared and turned white. So keep in mind we did all this under our $9.95 plan. AND we still have the bumper jack should decide to go with us for extraction. The plan now has a deductible of $5200. Financing is available. I also wanted to mention, the other day I posted a picture of my friend from kindergarten. If you remember, think back, I did not include my friend in the picture. You are probably asking yourself, "why didn't man tom put his friend from kindergarten in the picture?" Because my friend from kindergarten is near 70 years old, a biker, doesn't have a lot of teeth and you would laugh at me because my friend looked worst than Elvis.

What Woodstock could have been.

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