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January 28, 2022


Study Confirms Suspicions That Cat Brains Are Smaller Than They Used to Be

(Thanks to B&C)


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Of course their brains are smaller: they don't have to worry about their next meal or if they are safe sleeping.

Housecats are clearly not domesticated. Just watch them hunt. They are socialized and know how to deal with people.

Sounds like they're being over-harvested, so it might be time to switch to Rocky Mountain oysters, although not aware of there being any size related issues with those.

@cfj--Once upon a time, people could cross the Mexican border to watch bullfights, there was restaurant in Tijuana that specialized in serving the fried bull tentacles or Rocky Mountain Oysters with a plate of spaghetti to special clients. This required a waiting list. This one couple had waited weeks before their name came up. They ordered a bottle of wine to go with their dinner. The waiter brought out their meal, but this time there were two very small oysters on the mountain of spaghetti. The man called the waiter over to explain why the small fried oysters. The waiter said, "Senor, the bull does not always lose."

So, there have been incidents of size relate issues.

I learned to hate cat brains. As a wildlife biology major at Cornell back in the dark ages, I had to take Comparative Anatomy, which was filled with grade-grubbing pre-meds who spent hours in the lab identifying every trivial structure from every angle and memorizing the Latin name. The lab instructor was Chinese and couldn't pronounce the names in English much less Latin (fused vertebrae became fussed verTIber), and the lab tests were formidable. The dead cats stank of preservative, and the brains were tiny. If you managed to find something even smaller like the Vagus Nerve it would be presented in cross section on the lab test. I barely managed to pass and have never looked at cats the same way since then.

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