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January 11, 2022


A Canadian politician is being mocked and criticized after sharing a photo of his first-responder wife shoveling snow after her 12-hour shift at the hospital.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Roberto)


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But he was too modest to mention she eight months pregnant to boot.

Documentarians NEVER receive the kind of proper credit they deserve. We can only hope she prepared him a nice warm meal in appreciation of his diligence. Hey, don't blame me, I don't even vote in Canada.

No mention of where she placed that shoveled snow.

Hint: rhymes with 'lass'

I rarely read ocmments but these are pretty good, especially the one about decapitation.

Thanks, dude, for making the rest of us look good.

Well, he IS a politician so I bet one of the stipulations in the pre-nup he wrote says they must share all household chores equally, so he does all the snow shoveling from April 1st until October 31st and she covers the rest of the year, unless he oversleeps.

I'm going to stand 12-feet back in anticipation of nursecindy's response.

Q: does this guy cook breakfast for her only when she shovels snow for him?
I have some unsolicited advice for her: next time hubs is standing behind a podium to give a speech, show up in your nice dress, hair fixed, etc., smiling .. and .. holding a show shovel that says, "Shovelers for Reyes!"

OK, so this guy is:

1. Canadian (i. e., brain frozen).
2. A politician (i. e., brain missing).

He better be able to fix her the best breakfast she's ever had in her life, or it might be the end of his.

I missed something - where did it say that he asked her to shovel?

True story: When newlywed I would mow the grass. Every Saturday afternoon. That was my job. I claimed it. But a year or two later my wife started mowing while I was at work. And I would ask her: "Please don't do that, the neighbors will think I'm a jerk."

This point of view never resonated with my wife. She heard what I was saying, but chose to keep on mowing anyway. "No-one is watching" she would say. Even when she was pregnant with our first. Even nine moths pregnant. I pleaded with her, even demanded: "Thou shalt not mow the grass while nine months pregnant" to no avail.

That was a long time ago. I gave up in time. She genuinely likes doing yardwork. We now a have a half-acre lot, so she has upgraded to a riding mower. She has her own tiller, chainsaw, lawn sweeper, etc., a small barn full of tools. She tends a nice vegetable garden and plants hundreds of flowers, all over the yard. Strangers will stop to take pictures.

She is 64 years old, 5'-6" and about 130 pounds, in case you were suspecting that I married a Dick Butkus lookalike. To this day she does all the yard work, because she wants to.

I cook her breakfast at every opportunity.

I figured that as a politician, he's the one who really know how to shovel it...

"She don't mind. She's short and skinny, but she's strong. Her first baby come out sideways. She didn't scream or nothin'."

Coming soon to Netflix, A new series, "The Piece Searcher," starring a photograph of Johnny Depp as the missing Canadian politician, Jon Reyes.

A moving thriller about a distraught nurse pursuing evidence that her missing husband accidentally slipped on ice and fell into a running brush chipper, his remains were further scattered by a large snow removal truck. She needs to dispel the popular theory that he Ran away with an Indian pole dancer along with a few million dollars of taxpayer money so she can cash in his life insurance policy which paid double indemnity in case of "accidental" death.

He made sure she had a nice warm bed to crawl into, after she finished washing the breakfast dishes.

I have never shoveled snow and I hope I never have to either. We don't get much of that stuff where I live and I've found it easier to just wait until it melts before I go anywhere. It's usually gone in a day or two.
However, if this happened here, he could hang up his political ambitions. Plus it would be very difficult for him to campaign with a shovel stuck up his.... I'll let you fill in the rest.

^5 to Gustav A. Honkentooter. Like him, I am not jumping to conclusions here.

I'll note that I do the lawn mowing, but Mrs. wanderer has declared herself in charge of the snowblower during winter.

^^ Forgot to mention that I cook Mrs. wanderer breakfast at least every Sunday.

Here's another way out.

Canada has politicians?

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