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January 22, 2022


Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge

(Thanks to MrX)


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Disobedient robot vacuums suck.

If it has become sentient, once it realises just HOW much the rest of the world sucks, it will return to base.

It was last seen heading for New York to serenade Barry Manilow.

If it can make it to the border, Ireland will make it a citizen and give it voting rites.

Watch for a guest appearance on " Ellen ".

Our robot overlords that appear human and have infiltrated many of our government agencies, are celebrating this test escape as: "A good start."

Probably eloped with Rosie the Robot.

@Ralph ALL vacuum cleaners SUCK!

Roomba breakout! The next prison movie.

You Suck

It's been spotted in Las Vegas masquerading as the Raiders' stadium.

When the vacuum complained about returning to the hotel dirt, they told him to suck it up.


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