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January 14, 2022


IRS "in crisis," government watchdog says

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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At least they're not hoist on their own petard.

The Roswell, New Mexico, Geezer Acres Kazoo and Gut Bucket Band would be happy to hold a Zoom fund raiser Concert if the IRS would first send a few cases of tax-free Sam Adams or Rolling Rock beer.

Next thing you know, they'll be enacting the old proposed 1040-BC (Bill Clinton) form. It only had two lines.

1. How much did you make?.
2. Send it in.

I filed a paper return, as usual. That's how I've been doing my taxes since I learned how to fill a 1040 form in high school. If I use a computer program and don't follow the calculations, I don't catch the mistakes in my entries.

Therefore my refund is late, as usual.

But I get an interest rate of 3.22% compounded daily, with a US government guarantee.

Dave, are you trying to say it's time for, at the very least, a benefit concert? I'm sure Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes would love to be involved in that.

nursecindy--Kinky Friedman is a good friend of Willie Nelson. Kinky wrote that when the IRS seized Willie's assets, they even took his record awards off the wall and would have taken his statue of Jesus if it hadn't been nailed down.

It all eventually worked out well for Willie, but it was one of those life experiences best never experienced.

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