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January 18, 2022


Seek no further.

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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"Have a compassionate and caring nature and be an animal lover" ...As in they're delicious?

I am not making this up. I created a database for a pet crematorium. It could handle up to a Shetland pony. The funniest was a hamster. Someone paid good money to have it cremated and the remains put into a urn. I also created a database for tracking the human cremations while working right next to the machinery. It was a very well run place with excellent filtration to keep particles from escaping.

Wonder if they do snakes, mice, and Huntsman?

Jerry--Most pragmatic horse owners use Alpo's onsite pick up "Cremation" services which are free.

This article isn't going to be well received by the staff at the Flathead University taxidermy department.

Steverino - the Huntsman spiders do them...

I wonder if they're unionized? OOOOO...OOOOO. a Phoenix bird could be on their symbol.

Notes or things about yourself you would like to mention:

I'm generally look a lot more happy than the guy in your ad.

The On-site parking is something your competitors don't offer.

I am good with amphibians.

Easy job. Everyone in Australia know how to use BBQ.

Undoubtedly, the job provides a lot of pleasure given that most of the pets are likely to be among the deadliest on earth.

Pet cremation is accompanied by full Buddhist rites here in Japan.

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