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January 13, 2022


Just 17 Britons have died from cardiac arrests while having sex over the past three decades, study reveals

(Thanks to Roberto)


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They should have quit at 16.

Further research will prove all 17 of those men were taking Viagra. This also created problems for the undertaker. They had to work overtime to get the grin off the deceased face and had to hire extra help to sit on the coffin lid to get it closed.

I suppose it would have been worse if they died from being struck by a bus.

Does Briton have some sort of quota of men dying during sex?

I once overdosed on Cialis and suffered a hard attack.

When she says "Sam, the ceiling needs painting," maybe you should give that serious consideration.

I'm reminded of a mid-'70s movie with Ursula Andress called "The Sensuous Nurse". The patriarch of a successful winery's greedy kids hired a sexy nurse to induce a heart attack, so they could inherit the winery and sell it for huge money. It didn't work. The nurse eventually married the old boy, and sure enough, he croaked on their wedding night. She inherited the winery and kicked out the kids.

Very funny, even though the subtitling and/or dubbing aren't too good.

Maybe the Brits just aren't trying hard enough.

RN: An old joke is about a traveling band stuck in a snowstorm that seeks refuge for the night in a an elderly widow's hay barn. Months later, the accordion player asks the drummer if he remembers sneaking into the widow's warm bedroom and spending the night there, and if so, did he use the name of the accordion squeezer that night? The drummer confesses and is then thanked by the button pusher who responds to the drummer's obvious question of "Why?" with: "Well, she just died and left me the farm".

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