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January 07, 2022


“A bird has shat on Reilly Opelka’s hat, and he’s struggling to find another one that doesn’t have logos that are too big,” tennis writer Ben Rothenberg tweeted.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Isn't this a plot from a Dr. Seuss book?

Another battle of humans versus animals in Australia.

Get out of there people before it is too late!

Given that it was from an Australian bird, I'm surprised it didn't eat right through the hat and the guy's head. Sort of like the Alien's blood.

Couldn't they have simply found an adult diaper he could wear on his "mop of hair?" It would also be an appropriate defense against future attacks by birds suffering from diarrhea.

If that bird was an endangered foo bird, this could not bode well for Reilly Opelka. Everyone knows the warning: "If the foo shits, wear it."

Last year at the Australian Open, Venus Williams injured her ankle. The tournament's medical team taped up her right ankle and reinforced her left knee which was also hurt and she continued playing. This guy's hat gets dirty and he stops playing. What is the world coming to?

@nursecindy: This guy should take up professional soccer. The drama in displaying the agony of fake injuries rivals no other sport.

On the other hand, as noted by someone on another forum I frequent: "Hockey players, when injured, usually leave the game, are declared dead, get 170 stitches for massive loss of blood, receive an organ or limb transplant, and make it back to the bench to be on the ice for their next shift."

Free Bird

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