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January 06, 2022


Family cat accidentally donated to thrift store with old recliner

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Too bad they gave it back. If they itemize, the cat was probably worth an extra ten bucks in thrift store value if it was in good condition. Every bit helps at tax time.

Name the continent.

So by "old Recliner" do the mean Grampa?

It was a catastrophe.

In the first script draft, this was how Andy got out of Shawshank.

Considering the name those people gave it, I'd say the cat donated itself just to get away from them.

We here at your local thrift store have combined our enterprise with the local animal shelter.
Buy a recliner and we'll throw in a free cat!
Buy a sofa and get a free dog.
Get the matching ottoman with a hamster.
Happy New Year! Let's clear the shelter and our warehouse at the same time!


MOTW--A news update reported that Grandpa, who was sleeping in that recliner when it was donated, was sold for $19.99, the cat was able to get loose.

BTW, Mrs. Le Petomane and I suffered a lapse of Common sense and adopted 2 six-week-old kittens, we named the female Patches, the male was going to be named Einstein, but due to the fact he was a typical guy, we changed his name to Isaac Newton due to fact he needed to be thumped on the head to get his attention. They are getting into everything and impossibly cute and loving. They will get their first shots next week.

Geez, I really need to get my eyes checked. I looked at it this afternoon and thought it said, "family CAR accidentally donated..." and I wondered, "Gee, how did that happen?"

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