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January 28, 2022


Cocaine was the secret ingredient in pig-to-human heart transplant

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Things go better with Coc(aine)

So who got to ride the white horse, the patient, the pig or the doc?

@cfjk- my guess is "Yes"

The patient reported how much he enjoyed the entire procedure.

This shouldn't come as surprise news. Sherlock Homes used cocaine to help him solve unsolvable mysteries, even though he had to use a 4% solution to handle Dr. Moriety.
Of course, in his day you could legally buy cocaine even in hardware stores. I suppose we shouldn't ask the pig heart doctor where he got the cocaine for this experiment or if the rest of the pig was tasty.

Think of the bacon.

I heard the guy is going to fence his yard as soon as he's feeling up to it.

O'er the ham parts...

The good news is the transplant worked! The bad news is he got fired from his job because he failed a drug test.

Speaking of secret ingrediensts, I've seen people cook bacon in the oven after coating it with a white powder, but I always thought it was flour.

I hope the guy that got the pig heart wasn't Jewish or Moslem.

@Steverino - now there's a thought. I think kosher is for edibles. ..
Dave, can you provide enlightenment on the subject?

When the guy leaves the hospital, will he go "weee, weee, weee!" all the way home?

He's now asking for piña coladas.

🎶 You won't die when pigs fly 'cause they're high.....


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