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January 10, 2022

A STEAL AT $3,700

Contemporary Malicious Bar Stool with Polished Brass Studs and Black Leather

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says “I saw MBS open for someone, didn’t I?”)


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Looks pretty inviting to me.

The masochist says, "Please let me sit on it!"
The sadist says, "No."

Looks like something an Indian fakir would use instead of a bed of nails.

You know the bar you're in caters to a tough crowd when those are the barstools.

Inspired by the TV show The ADDAMS FAMILY I'm sure.

Fixing A Hole

Actually, the headline looks like the opening night lineup for Coachella.

It could be worse:


Surely it was Metallica.

There are those who would consider one of these as great for foreplay.

Stop calling us Shirley.

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