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January 15, 2022


There’s a settlement in Antarctica that is suitable for families except for one major requirement: they must undergo an operation to to remove their appendix before they move in

(Thanks to maryann, also Jim Kenaston, who says “On reflection, maybe our HOA isn't so bad after all.”)


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And pray that you never get a pulled groin.

You can take my appendix, but you'll have to pry my foreward and glossary from my cold dead hands.

I once removed an appendix from a book.

I wonder how the restaurants operate in Anartica ? I bet the dish of the day is always penguin.

The man who cut out his own appendix (In Antarctica)


I'm not sure about it being a requirement, but I have been in a few towns where having a lobotomy would be helpful if you lived there.

Isn't that the recipe Latka Gravis usus?

Whos, those are really good brownies.

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