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December 03, 2021


Australia is the drunkest country in the world, according to survey

(Thanks to pharmaross and Doug in Sacramento)


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Also, most likely, the drunkest continent.

Clearly, they intend for the alcohol to reduce the pain from all the venoms.

Meanwhile, in Russia, they’re too drunk to fill out the surveys.

This is a textbook example of evolutionary defense improvement. Australian residents are reaching a stage where any venomous snake of other dangerous critter that bites them, the biters will die from alcohol poisoning before inflicting noticeable harm.

Well, OK, evolution is a slow process, but the Aussies are at least working on it.

I know some Germans that may beg to differ with this study. Sure, the Australians have to deal with venomous snakes, spiders, animals, plants, people, etc but, the Germans have to deal with tourists who insist on them wearing Lederhosen while yodeling.

Shocked! Shocked I tell you!

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