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December 23, 2021


No, tardigrades have not been quantum entangled with a qubit

(Thanks to Alan West)


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It's jut common sense, you don't need no stank'n fancy education to know that.

We welcome our quantum entangled overlords.

It's good to see that the qubits beat those unfounded charges brought by the tardigrades. I don't understand how the quantums got involved, but they are known for being unpredictable.

Last night, drinking beer with friends, all this made perfect sense. This morning, not so much.

It may not be entangled with qubits, but it's sort of entangled with cubits. Given the average length of both tardigrades and cubits, a tardy would be roughly 1/1000 of a cubit long.

Rod--You reminded me of an old comedy skit about Noah building the Ark.


Noah. "Lord what is a cubit?"

Long silence, then The Lord spoke. "I'LL GET BCK WITH YOU ON THAT, NOAH."

Say what?

I used to get tardigrades whenever I was late turning in my homework.

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