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December 03, 2021


Bomb Squad are called to A&E where patient turned up with two-inch-wide WWII shell lodged in his rectum which got there when he 'slipped and fell on it during a clear-out'

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I like the gratuitous picture of the bomb-squad robot with robot gripper ready for duty.

Calling nursecindy!

Doc, I was just using it to try and unwedge the fusilli Jerry, when the damned gerbil ran between mylegs. It was a one-in-a-million shot!

So it's been there since the end of WWII, and he waited until now to remove it?

We await with bated breath, nursecindy's comment on this one.

They could at least have had a photo of the guy's expression when he saw the ordinance extraction robot.

Boom Boom Pow!

If I had a dime for every bomb that went up my......

It's really amazing that there are so many clumsy naked people walking around.

A lot more plausible than the explanations of COVID origin we're getting from the PRC press.

If the ordinance exploded, I imagine there would have been quite the "clear out".

If you really wanted the earth to move, there are easier ways ...

Wouldn’t a simple enema have sufficed for a ‘clear out’?

Just because no one else has said it yet, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!"

5-star snork MOTW!




If we pronounce "tomb" as "toom", and "womb" as "woom" then the word "bomb" should be pronounced "boom". Logical?

"The MoD added they sent the bomb squad following a request from local police."

Why couldn't the Mod Squad handle it?

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