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December 02, 2021


Man Suffers Collapsed Lung by Singing His Heart Out During Karaoke

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Another Copacabana injury. That's two today!

Worthy karaoke experience clip.

Yes, I have nothing better to do.

A wounded Wang is a terrible thing. Maybe they could hold a karaoke concert to raise money for medical bills?

How many people went deaf ?

Wait a minute, if he sung his heart out, wouldn't that cause his lung to expand to fill the space? So why did it collapse instead? And isn't losing his heart the more significant medical emergency anyway?

Everyone at the party had to be treated by a Gastroenterologist because they couldn't stomach his singing.

I'm not familiar with "Man suffers collapsed lung" by Singing His Heart Out. Would you mind humming a few bars?

Many of the names by blog posters are obviously fabricated and I find some offensive.

@EB But some of the names are melodious enough to make one want to dance.

He had a bullectomy? Here in the U.S. we just take a needle and then insert it into the area around the affected lung at which time we....
Never mind what we do but it will keep you from singing karaoke for a while.
(Sometimes they use a large tube too.)

Definitive proof in the Almighty.

I left my heart .. in San Francisco
I burst my lungs .. with karaoke

All chest wounds suck, but some are more sucky than others.

If he had tried singing the Whitney Houston version of "I Will Always Love You," his head would have exploded.

Today I am waving my lighter approvingly in the direction of Elaine Benes. It is regrettable that a few do not realize that dirty does not automatically mean funny. This is what C. S. Lewis meant when he said, “They assume the joke has already been made.” It hasn’t. But I continue to wade through the canal, drawn by sparkling glimmers of camaraderie from the many other fine commenters here.

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