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December 29, 2021



Just wanted you to know that I followed in the footsteps of greatness!

I remember your article about strawberry pop tarts starting a fire from back with the web was a little baby, but it’s stuck with me all these years.

During a COVID style tele-team meeting about a year ago, the topic somehow came up and i casually threw out the fact that strawberry pop tarts would shoot a flame into the air when held in a toaster for several minutes. After several months of my co-workers occasional questions of proof, I found your article and sent it around, but they weren’t satisfied.

So, when cleaning out my garage a few months ago and coming across an old toaster, I decided it was time to prove you right.

Thanks for the inspiration!



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Skip ahead to 4:45 and watch.
Gee, pop tart and heat equals fire!

I watched a video of a toaster for almost 7 minutes. Yes, Dave, you do change lives.

Has he tried putting a slice of Norwegian goat cheese in the toaster, I know some people like to put jam & cheese on their toast.

Wait until he hears about Roller Blade Barbie!

"OK class, you now have my last science experiment to try at home. I have enjoyed teaching all of you...uh, children this past year. I'm off tomorrow to take a new teaching position in another country. You are dismissed."

Next he'll be doing this with waffles because he's an Eggo maniac.

He doesn't use bread since he's black toast intolerant.

Kids, don't try this at home...until your parents are out.

Then, go for it!

--Tik Tok Alexa

Surely I would have thought that alert readers of Dave Barry would know that these types of informative videos should be shot in landscape mode.

There goes 7 minutes of my life up in smoke.

Thanks Dave for posting my video!

I did violate one rule from your article… my wife was home.

Wow. Just wow. What a great idea! I thought of an idea, too. Playing the video on the Jumbotron.

Naturally duct tape was involved.

Why is it the first thing I thought of after watching this video is how cool would it be to do this at night? :)

Dear Dave Barry,
I want to thank you for the helpful tip on how to make arson look like a total accident. The next time you're in Vegas, I'll buy you some beers.

Your grateful friend,

Matthew, I hope your wife grounded you after doing this. I would.

Any flammable substance would catch fire if left in the toaster too long.

Nursecindy, I used a 3 prong extension cord, so I was already grounded. 😁

Overheard toward the end of the video: "I think your Pop-Tart's done." HA! Well done, Matthew! see what I did there?

To expand on Guin's thought, before I watched the video I wondered how Matthew would engineer a circumvention of the toaster's sophisticated safety measures. I should have known it would involve duct tape. Now we just have to incorporate WD-40 to make it a perfect Guy Solution. Or a flamethrower. Both. Hmmmm.......

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