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December 24, 2021


Flying squirrels found living on University of Nebraska campus

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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I would've thought Kitty Hawk a more likely spot.

Merry Christmas Eve Dave.

I would have thought Rocky would have been retired by now. Instead, he is living on a university campus while likely pursuing an advanced degree in aeronautical engineering. This brings up the question of what happened to Bullwinkle. Omaha, Nebraska isn't really considered a safe place for large, tasty animals.

Bullwinkle is taking a sabbatical year in Alaska, to get back in touch with his roots. It seems their life paths are diverging a bit, with the help of those fiends Boris & Natasha who managed to secure a substantial scholarship for Rocky with the help of a few leftist profs.

"...they are nocturnal and notoriously elusive."

And annoying when they decide to live in an attic and visit the kitchen. I've set Havahart traps for them and watched them fly through a trap.

Cute little critters, however.

This late breaking development if Rudy tests come back positive for the omnicron, Santa has requested Rocky's profs to provide 3 "life credits" should he be needed to guide the sleigh tonight & fill in for the blue-nosed Rudy.

Is an atomic bomb a simple fix? Or mustard gas would be more environmentally friendly?

We have a small house south of Atlanta, and have flying squirrels all over the place (along with some standard issue Eastern Greys). These little guys like to raid bird feeders at night and because they fly, they can land on a squirrel-proof bird feeder and pick it clean. You can't get a bead on them because they are really small and skittish.

It's enough to drive you nuts...

steverino--I have long claimed exploding peanuts is the answer. Also, it would be fun to watch.

@Le Petomane: Unfortunately, we keep a bird feeder around for the Eastern Greys. They know to go to the one we set out of them, and not eat from the other feeders. The exploding peanuts would frighten everyone (including the birds) from the feeders.

OHOH, we also have a family of raccoons that raids the bird feeders at night. Exploding peanuts might do them in, but they also may make the animals mad and do dastardly things to the house.

It's useful to remember that we don't own any land-we just lease it from the animals.

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