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December 09, 2021


Real Christmas trees are better for your mental health than artificial ones, experts say

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This study would not apply in Australia. Strolling through a tree farm, forest bathing or bringing a fresh cut tree into your home without having everything first being professionally de-snaked and de-spidered could affect more than your mental health.

The experts have obviously never tried to tie a real tree onto the roof of a car, jam a crooked, oversized trunk into an undersized tree stand, rescue a cat from the top off the tree while glass ornaments fall & smash on the floor, or stepped on dried out pine needles in your bare feet, which are still embedded in the carpeting come Easter Sunday.

I'll just hang a pine air freshener from my chandelier this year that I picked up at the car wash.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSy2q14mrmk Try not to be NSFW at Christmas

I'll never forget the year Big Dog peed on the tree while I was trying to get the net off of it in the yard. Didn't see that one coming.

Which brings to mind, Real News is better for your health than the fake crap.

Real tree.

Real news.

Fox News Christmas Tree Arsonist Update

Spreading more Christmas goodwill & good cheer...

I just paid for a 12 month subscription to the New York Times and the Washington Post. My bank called to see if my credit card was stolen.

And that's the way it was.

Anyone remember TW3? (That Was, The Week, That Was)

December 8th 2021, a day that will live in infamy, of course in some time zones...

This day will live in infamy for Bill Clinton...

When I was a kid we always had a real tree. It was usually a beautiful Scotch Pine. The strange thing was every year about three days after we'd put it up I'd get a horrible head cold. It was several years later before my mom realized I was allergic to the tree. My Christmases have been much jollier, and much more snot-free, since that revelation. I'd rather be a little more mentally ill with an artificial tree than have to go through all of that again.

You can estimate the age of the artificial Christmas tree by counting the layers of the tape on the box.
It’s an old Boy Scout trick.

One year, my five brothers and I, ventured out to a Christmas tree farm near Milford, Michigan to cut down our tree. We spent a couple of hours trekking through the snow to find the perfect tree. We found a very full 7-foot tree, cut it, baled it & headed home.

A week before Christmas, we grabbed the ornaments out of the attic and gathered to trim the tree. My brothers struggled for over an hour trying to fit the massive trunk into the tree stand. My Dad was always a holiday grinch and said he would fix it. He proceeded to cut the 7-foot tree in half and drop it into the stand. We were in tears as it only took about 15 minutes to decorate the diminutive, little pared down tree.

The worst Christmas ever!🎄

Folks on The Blog can take comfort and the worry out of catching a slight case of mental illness caused by having an artificial Christmas tree with this quote:

"Every great genius has an admix of madness."

Our family always had a real tree. I was around ten, maybe eleven in grade school. The tree was up and I went shopping with my mom. We were in a hardware store, like Ace looks today, and I saw this 'Wildcat' stereo Hi-Fi record player. It was all plastic, folded like a suitcase would close, then by raising the lid could be opened up to reveal a keen new turntable with dual stereo speakers behind a blue grill on each side. It was blue, it was called a 'Wildcat' and I HAD TO HAVE IT, r-i-g-h-t n-o-w! So my mom said she would put it on layaway. When I discovered that meant I would not be getting it RIGHT NOW, I was devastated and could not express sadly enough to my mother how unsatisfactory this type of purchase would be. So...my mom waid she would buy for me to go to the other end of the store while she bought it. So we leave the store and mom is carry a large shopping bag with my 'Wildcat' inside. How I admired that 'Wildcat' all the way home. I made a calendar with the days left until Christmas when I would get to open the package my mom had by now neatly wrapped and placed under the tree. Each day after school I would sit in front of the package and think how cool it was going to be when I got my 'Wildcat' and played Tommy James and the Shondells. The sound would be AWESOME!

So, move ahead to a day or two before Christmas. I go to sit in front of my package with my Wildcat inside and the package had been remove and replaced with an even bigger perfectly square boxed wrapped package. I asked my mom what happened to my Wildcat? She said something like, "it need a bigger box." Strange, but I guess I thought the 'bigger' the package the better. So Christmas day I got my Wildcat, sure enoughg inside the bigger box like mom said it was. I later found the old package, Christmas wrap and all, with a box stuffed with rags laying in the closet. My mother had asked the salesman to give her and enpty box, put it in a shopping bag which she carried home, stuffed it with rags, wrapped it and stuck it under the tree. I admired that box of rags for several weeks. FOR NOTHING! I was a good kid and would not dare peek inside. My mom knew that when she did it. My mom was a sweetheart. She wanted no trouble, no bad thoughts or argument with anyone ever. Boy, she was tricky like that.

Merry Christmas and beware that present under the tree may not be what it appears to be.

Nursecindy — I think the smell of a Frasier Fir from the mountains of your home state is so wonderful that I would gladly suffer some snot for the pleasure of it.

I have a plastic tree, with fiber-optic lights, but it smells great. I bought at Costco a package of three little bottles with essential oils with balsam fir and some conifer melange. A couple of drops of those oils fill entire room with a great aroma.

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