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December 27, 2021


Women who have sex more frequently have better developed brains

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"The research involved stimulating the clitorises of 20 adult females" Once again I wasn't invited to participate!

Stupidest headline ever!

Cause or effect...? You decide.

I expect their next finding will be that women who have sex more frequently have better developed bodies, too.

I'm a woman and this study leads me to conclude that I have very good artificial intelligence.

I Want Your Sex

Hey you want i should help you "cram" for that exam?

Hurts So Good

This is a novel pickup line most men have never tried.

"Babe, out of deep concern for your mental development, I'm willing to help you expand your brain power tonight as a totally free service."

Amongst these women who have sex more, just HOW frequently are more developed brains observed, and just how frequently should these observations occur?
(Reminds me of the little boy who always wanted a watch for Christmas, but his parents wouldn't let him.)

Hold On Loosely

Just reading the study caused my hypothalamus as well as a large portion of the region of the forebrain to expand my corpora cavernosa and cause the space otherwise reserved in my brain for indulgence to completely vacate causing my pituitary to, in medical terms, evacuate.

Oh, I'm listening to Bread's greatest hits as a control of my right hand if that means anything.

Does this have anything to do with a girl being sadder, but wiser?

This explains the deer-in-the headlights types I dated in college.

So, science tells us that the smartest of all women would be Rock N Roll groupies?

Wait until Keith Richards boasts about the geniuses he has created.

Brewmeistr - If Liv Tyler can emerge from 1/2 of Steven's DNA, anything is possible!

However, excessive sex caused the male brain to become the equivalent of raspberry jam.

And to think that the job of “Clitoris Stimulator” would be the one to lure me out of retirement…

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