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December 23, 2021


I'm sorry.


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Dave always puts the "HO-HO-HO!" in the holidays, once again, well done!

Indeed. I always look forward to Dave’s take on the absurdities of yet another year we’re always so happy to leave behind, somehow thinking that the coming year will be vastly different.

This is GREAT! I'm part way into May and reading has become broken out into a sustained inner chuckle the intensity of which I may have never experienced before as I remind myself to remember where I was when I first read it.

..my inner chuckle will now remind itself to remember where it was reading the second half and that I should read this each day before I turn on the news of which I never turn on anymore. Plus reading made me remember the soreness I felt with each vaccine the number of which I have had I have forgotten. I learned I am probably wearing my mask wrong, too. I forgot to mention this is GREAT!

The Roswell, New Mexico space aliens have been laughing for weeks over Dave's year in review (they have the technology to read things before they are written).

They claim Dave is one of the main reasons they stick around The Planet Earth which is often referred to as The Disneyland of the Galaxy with free admission.

It was pointed out by Douglas Adams that anyone who wants becomes a president of anything, should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to do the job. So, we should be thankful Dave was never elected to any public office. He is free to keep people happy while staying one of the few truly sane earthlings not confined to a mental hospital.

Also, Dave could be the one who saves the Earth due to several alien civilizations wanting more of his great humor. I know for certain we all do.

Thank you, Dave! Another excellent, and hilarious, article. When crazy things happen during the year instead of getting upset I just wonder how you're going to make sense of it all. I'm never disappointed either.

Always enjoyed reading Dave's take on the year that was. But, can't for 2021 because the Miami newspaper want me to turn off my ad blocker. That would be like entering Dracula's castle without a crucifix.

Squirrel Whisperer, it's not just the ad blocker, because I turned mine off. They want you to subscribe. Eventually, somebody who syndicates Dave's column will run it and it won't be behind a paywall.

TSW and Rod - Having a 'massive' soft spot in my heart and feeling bad you guys can't read The Year in Review, I will let on it was not my idea to pay for the COVID-19 $1.9 trillion cost by selling baked goods to foreign nations.

This picture from the review speaks directly to the COVID issues and it's effect on man fruit.


Dave took IT out for review.

Dave is a master of his domain.

Time to put 2021 under wraps and hope for bigger and better things to come in 2022.

Happy Festivus!

The Herald hates me. "You must be a subscriber" to read this.

Too bad, so sad.

Brilliant. Man fruits and sea urchins are on the menu.

I would like to comment on your column Dave but for some reason yelling at my mouse isn't working.


A lonely and frightened nation thanks you, Dave!

Sign in or you can't lick the TV screen.

I recall an old article from Dave where he stated that people have been telling him for most of his career, "You used to be funnier." Well I call BS. That was some classic Dave Barry, and I laughed out loud a bunch of times.

Here's an alternative link to it.

Thanks for the laughs, Dave.

Dave you are truly my trusted source for news. My resolution this year is to get the news only thru the Blog.

Another year where so many lives and livelihoods were literally on the line, yet Dave manages to squeeze a few chuckles and many laughs out of a dreadful 2021 and all its absurdities.

With a new covid vaccine developed by the Defense Department to protect against all covid variants, hopefully our lives and world will get back on track in 2022.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year to all.

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks...Dave's Year in Review!

Wow, talk about News You Can Use. I had no idea there was a release of maple syrup from the strategic reserve. The Year in Review never disappoints, and is the best way to top off even a good year. Merry Christmas and Veganism Now!

Boom. Pay Wall.

Thanks Santa Claus for the link. Thanks Dave for the review. But, was shocked that you missed a major news story. The emergence of the American Rembrandt, Hunter, to rave reviews both here and on a broad.

Incisive, funny and the best yet (perfect for one of the worst years yet!). Dave, thanks for the laughs and helping us maintain a semblance of sanity. Fellow bloggers: in addition to the Miami Herald, it's also in today's Washington Post and probably other newspapers as well, in case that helps anyone up against a paywall.

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