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December 03, 2021


Here you go. Please forgive us.


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Just in time! Perfect! Thanks, Dave.

You should have this out on Black Monday!

It has to feel like a weight has been lifted from Dave's shoulders as he finally comes clean about that extended Widaho vacation. I just hope his HUGE investment in Widaho face-potaoes pays off, or his grandchildren will be looking eight days of gifted face-potatoes for many Hanukkahs to come.

My doctor doesn't want me having potatoes, so I guess that one's out.

I do wonder how long it will take the cat to scratch the backpack so thoroughly that it won't be able to see out any more. I figure a good over/under would be around 12 seconds. There also probably needs to be a first-aid kit on the outside for the cat owner's use.

Thank you, Dave! I literally laughed out loud. I needed this.

I have a question about one of the List of Participating Businesses -- Nirvana Condo Association?

There isn't a single item on that list I wouldn't be proud to give to my worst enemy.

Excellent. One of your best.

We need to give a Laurel and Hardy handshake to Dave for his great money saving gift suggestions. Since I started buying from his Holiday Gift Guide, each year I have fewer and fewer friends to spend money on.

Best of all, no pay wall.

Caught me off guard when this company offered this 'best sleep you've had in years' item which can easily be assembled as described by, "simply add the legs provided in order to turn your foundation into a mattress ready platform bed." I thought only their pillows came with easy to assemble legs.

I'm thinking Chicken Helmet or Meowy Christmas Card which both come 'no leg assembly required'.

Thanks to the gift guide for steering me in right direction. Was this all Dave's idea?

So far, I've bought three floating alligator heads from last year's gift guide. I'm thinking Peeing Pup for this year...

Well, my Christmas shopping is done!

Excellent ideas. I saw the greetings card, not that with cat, that cannot be shut once it starts playing, and when you try to tear it up to stop it, there are confetti inside which spill on you. And whatever is left of the card is still playing.

Thanks so much, Dave! That was hilarious!!

Here's one you missed:

The card card which won't stop "playing" is the perfect gift for my new "manager". I hope operators are standing by!

Cat card! Hey, it's late. And eggnog may or may not be available.

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