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December 04, 2021


Is Superman Circumcised? wins oddest book title of the year award

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Causes serious questions of concern regarding Lois's status.

Only Moshe-El of " Super Rabbi " comics knows.

Reminds me of Miss Congeniality: "What? Hemorrhoid ointment? You really think the judges are going to be looking that closely?"

One of the best lines in this book:

"The competition was stiff, but I'm glad I was able to rise to the occasion." Said Schwartz.

Didn't he leave Krypton before his bris? So, no then.

Hey, he's Superman, the man of STEEL! How did we manage to circumcise him when he's faster than a bullet and can withstand nuclear bombs?

100% Uncut

Prepuce of steel?

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