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December 04, 2021


A man has been accused of working as the principal of a Providence, Rhode Island school—while simultaneously keeping his former job, as a middle school assistant principal, all the way in Washington, D.C.

(Thanks to Geoff Scott)


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Did his Florida driver's license trip him up and wouldn't a middle school job for him be somewhere in New Jersey??

So, multitasking is a basis for getting fired? Well, if he's good at it, he could always get work hawking both Medicare and extended car warranties on TV commercials.

You just hire a surrogate to administer the beatings.

Maybe he read the story about the bride dancing with the mannequin and got the idea.

Takin' Care Of Business

Takin' Care of Business

I don't mean to appear insensitive, stupid most certainly, but not insensitive, but FYI, as well as DIY, TGIF, RSVP, etc., I learned everything I know about how to play Takin' care of Business from this man.

^4 \,,/

Please consider the receptionist had car trouble this morning, she drives a real junker, and did not show today leaving me confused. I just checked in Genesis. No Rutherford or Collins? Ramirez, which was disappointing to say the least.


I see Dhillon is not on the schedule today. No Anderson, Pam either.

Oh, on telecommunications, one the sexiest dance videos eva..

Something each of you should know regarding my 'confusion' today.

I just checked in a new patient, Michelle. Which was confusing. The receptionist had the person on the schedule under the name, Michelle. Imagine my surprise greeting the new patient. It was guy named, Mikkel. No one on the premises name, Michelle. In addition, the receptionist drives a junk car when it is running.

Should Dave need a new assistant, Michelle is not available, but a skinny woman with a junk car who sounds like a man is available if you are interested.

Our first discussion a few weeks ago regarding the new receptionist went like this,

"She sounds like a man."

"Do you think people will notice?"

Let me know.

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