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December 21, 2021


Giant millipedes as long as a car and weighing 50kg once hunted across northern England

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Oh, Goody! Giant bugs!
There goes Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No mention of its mpg.

It must have spent most of its' time shopping for shoes.

Now, if scientists can recover DNA and clone these critters, they could release them in the Everglades to keep the python and lizard population in check.

After all, what could go wrong?

Send that fossil to Washington!

Oh, wait......

If you go out to sleep on the grass after a night at the Ship Inn on Piel Island, you might see one of these.

Wonder if there were gigapedes?

Where on earth do you find a refrigerator big enough to hide under ?

If these come back, we're gonna need bigger flyswatters. Or maybe it would be safer to simply start with a shotgun and save time.

One nagging question: Have there been any fossils of these
giant millipedes found in Australia?

That fossil bears an amazing resemblance to that of the rare wild nauga.

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