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December 02, 2021


Lucy demands a recount.


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Our Shih Tzu ("Molli The Capitalist Lapdog") has me pretty well trained

Generating a list like this is not an easy task. But the authors pursued it doggedly.
And they should get a life.

This is one *scientific* study we will never see done with cats. The researchers would run out of Band-Aids and antiseptics before the study was half done. The study cats, however, would think the experience was great fun.

MOTW, that was the word I'd say when my last dog was just too much underfoot, and I wanted her outside.

Never is there enough attention focused on the preferences of obedient dogs.

__ a short story __
Probably fifteen years ago, I was on a team (~8) whose lead had us over to his house for Christmas supper. He had a sweet golden Labrador who was under a year old and had lots of energy. He sent her to Doggy Daycare to tire her out so she wouldn't freak out with so many strangers. Her whole rear end wagged with excitement as each of us arrived, but after a while, she conked out on the floor with her head under one of the folding chairs. We were in an enclosed patio and everyone was talking - it was not quiet, but this dog was totally passed out.
Then the guy leaned over and quietly said, "Squirrel."
Poor pupper's head came up so fast, it CLANGED on the foot rest of the folding chair and knocked it over. She was dazed and jumped up. I scolded the guy and gave her some reassuring snuffies to let her know that her dad was being bad.

@Le Petomane -- I'd like to see this done in Australia with, well, ANY of the creatures down there.

My dog Zoey is perfect unless a UPS truck goes by my house then all bets are off. FedEx, Amazon, and the post office can go by but she ignores them. There's just something about UPS that bothers her. Several years ago I read somewhere that at some point in history a UPS driver insulted a dog and none of them have ever forgotten about it.

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