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December 28, 2021


Unfortunately our strict policy against making fun of names prohibits us from linking to the Scientific Discovery of the Week So Far.

(Thanks to Le Petomane) 


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Of course Cindy Poo would be involved in this study.

What a silly name!

I bet she lives in Pooville.

poop steams on fresh snow
january wandering
footprints left behind

The study's co-author, Cindy's brother Arthur Poo, called the findings a "First for Poo-Poo".

Your name is your destiny.

Cindy Poo’s sister, Cindy Lou Poo stopped the Grinch from crapping on Christmas.

Dr. Cindy Poo should really know her sh!t.

Cindy must be very well-travaled and knows a lot of people, since you can smell her everywhere.

What's that smell?

I have met, no I mean really I have met, Sindy Hor and Bich Phoeuck, but never dreamed I would, through a link never posted due to the strict policy, see the day I would virtually meet Dr. Cindy Poo. Dr. Do I know, but Dr. Poo, nuhuunh.

haiku poo stew
it's smelly wafting
but who knew of crap on shoe

Don't even think of calling me Cindy Poo.

Is a hippocampal a cross between a hippo and a camel?

Isn't it a cross between a palomino, a camel, and a hippo?

Possibly referred to here, Dr. Cindy Poo.

A palomino, a camel, and a hippo walk into a bar....

...and the barkeep says: Where's your ladder, 'cuz the hippocampals are on the house.

Burt Macklin, FBI--People always seem to confuse hippos, camels and a campus with the hippocampus, which is a seldom used section of the human brain that controls learning and memory. Easy to understand the mistake, but really, how many hippos or camels have ever been spotted on a college campus?

Le Pet - In college I had a couple of blind dates with hippos.

A nice pair of frontal lobes makes my nucleus accumbens and amygdala twitch.

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