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December 08, 2021


If cats were people, they’d probably be psychopaths, scientists say

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet and pharmaross)


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They're not people but they're already psychopaths.

Kinda goes both ways, don't it?

Back when I was in college working in a mental hospital, I had a psychology professor give an assignment to write one-page defining the difference between sanity and psychopaths. The results varied along familiar lines. The ability to determine reality, defining attainable goals to get the most out of life, was sanity. The psychopath will use others to get what they want, blame others for their mistakes while appearing to be loving, friendly and trustworthy.

The professor, going over the results, pointed out that politicians and rulers are psychopaths, just like cats. They get free everything by acting nice, sweet and caring---until it suits them to bite and scratch to get what they want, because all they care about is themselves.

This 'survey' wasn't hard to write at all, the scientists got paid big money telling us what we already knew, therefore, why are we reading a study conducted by psychopaths?

Nobody will ever accuse this of being fake news.

Le Petomane - I had a Psychology professor who's husband's son married Sally Jessie Raphael's daughter. Our professor invited the entire class to attend a taping of Sally's TV show where all of these people were scheduled to appear, why I don't know. I showed up early at the studio and Sally let me in the back door. We talked one on one for almost half an hour. When the show began taping Sally immediately walked over to me sitting in audience with mic in hand and asked me what I thought were the most important aspects of a relationship. I said something like, "relationships are 50/50, each person has to do their part to make it work."

This has nothing to do with cats, but I want to let you know I could have had Sally. Apparently your psychology professor was completely insane, an alien cat in disguise. You are lucky your professor didn't bite and scratch you to get what He wanted, your stash of Little Friskies and use of your cat's litter box. Psychologists, like psychopaths, know these kinds of things and will use others to get what they want, blame others for their mistakes while appearing to be loving, friendly and trustworthy. How you escaped being taken to the Freudian mothership, being psychoanalyzed by a psychopath disguised as a psyco-cologist, badly beaten, collared, given a bath and thrown from the top of the ship to see if you landed on your feet is beyond comprehension. It's a miracle your college psychology class has not left irreparable scars on your superego as well as your back and a good thing you landed on your feet.

man tom--Working in a mental hospital, I had a set of keys. That should clear up the main reason I landed on my feet. The alien mothership abduction, I prefer not to talk about.
BTW, it was a Jungian mothership, not a Freudian.

They're wild animals. As most psychopaths are.

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