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December 24, 2021


Australia has a surfing chicken.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I sense an updated version of “Jaws” in the works.

Mrs Chook, a Plymouth Rock breed hen's influential early Rock breed acts include this guy.

"The birds are well known in the Groove Cafe in Ocean Grove where they sip babyccinos."

Since babyccinos are simply frothy warm milk sprinkled with cinnamon, chickens sipping those things are really wimpy and since they are non-venomous, I would expect them to soon be extinct, along with the Groove Cafe. After all, this is Australia, and they have standards to maintain.

So, do chicken of the sea hang six then?

FYI, Just got a quick visit from Santa who dropped off a few early gifts on his way to the covid testing site where the lines might be quite long, as it seems Rudolph's nose is blue and he can't taste the hot chocolate.

"Les Nessman": Actually, reindeer are at high risk for COVID-19 (see figure 1). They are similar to White-tailed Deer in that respect, which have reports of populations that are 30% infected.

Santa may need the chickens to pull the sleigh.

I home Mrs. Chook doesn't find an activity too difficult and chicken out...

Snork @Ralph. Maybe anthony stewart can write us up some alternative lyrics to Rudolph.

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