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December 24, 2021


55-foot-long Triassic sea monster discovered in Nevada

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I liked it better when it was Lewichthyo Alcindorsaurs.

To me. Lewichthyo Alcindorsaurs name change to Enormous Ichthyosaurs makes no sense. At all.

As an aside...A Nevada brewery makes a beer called "Icky", named for Icthyosaur.
It's an IPA and,following current brewing trends,it has more "hops" than actual beer. They're called 'hops" in reference to the gyrations made while trying to spit it out.

An unreliable source claims that scientists have recovered DNA from bone marrow and have taken it to a secret laboratory in the Florida Everglades. Soon, we may get to see what the original critters look like in action. I mean like, what could go wrong?

So was this found by an indebted gambler who was forced to dig his own grave, 'cuz that would be pretty ironic given the price of fossils on the black market.

Triassic Sea Monster opened for The Clash.

"the giant filter-feeding whales that are toothless". I wonder if Ahab knew that?

steverino: Ahab was hunting Moby Dick, which was a Sperm Whale, which is the largest toothed whale. There are larger toothless baleen whales like Humpbacks and Blue Whales.

Melville knew that hunting a toothless whale would not make a good movie spinoff.

"It is a nice glimmer of hope."

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