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December 06, 2021


Yes, it’s possible for a corpse to explode during cremation

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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On my death bed, I would eat a bag of un-popped popcorn. So cremation would be a festive occasion.

I loved that little cartoon/drawing at the top of the article. As for the rest of the article .. gah, I should've known better than to read that while eating my oatmeal.

The Oregon Highway Department could have told them that.

When the last meal was at a Taco Bell.

@- MOTW - I learned long ago that reading this blog and food consumption do not mix.

Remember: Before you cremate a body ALWAYS check the anal cavity for unexploded ordinance!

When cremating corpses is illegal, only the criminals will cremate corpses.

Ol' Skeeter was told as a young boy that eating a teaspoon of gunpowder a day would prolong his life. So, he commenced adding a teaspoon of the powder to at least one meal every day.

When he passed away at 99, he bequeathed his truck and his hound to his nephew Scooter, and a 30 foot hole in the wall of the crematorium.

It was a good, long life.

I reckon this is what folks mean when they say, "They want to out with a bang?"

The ultimate in fart-burning.

I heard Orson Wells had a funeral pyre on Mount Saint Helens.

But, can they also explode while riding on the back of a motorcycle?

Is there any way to combine this with a gender reveal?

@kit: Not sure about the gender reveal, but sex change seems like a more viable option.

Pop goes the Weasel

Today white smoke came from the Wuhan Lab chimney, signaling a new variant has been named.

Dave, feel free to use my comment in December issue of Year in Review.

^5 @mantom!

Snork @keith in tampa!

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