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December 24, 2021


Have Joy copy 2


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A classic!

I was waiting for that.

Happy holidays, one and all.

Merry Christmas Dave and fellow bloggers! When we have a tough day all we have to do is read the Blog for a great laugh and a reboot. So thank you one and all. Dave, we don't know how you come up with such funny lines, but please keep them coming! All the best to everyone for 2022.

Happy Merry Joy to all you wonderfully crazy BlogFolk who help to keep me laughing all year!

Merry Christmas Dave and fellow bloggers!

Merry Christmas Dave (and your family) and fellow bloggers! Thank you Dave for taking so much time to do this for us all! Thank you to all those who submit headlines and all those who show up to join in the joy of what Dave Barry has created for his fans. God bless you Dave we love you and appreciate all you do. Maryann and John

After all these years, the ending of Charles Dickens novella, A Christmas Carol, where Tiny Tim says, "And God bless us everyone!" still puts a lump in my throat.

Next year, may we all gather together and remember those words once again.

Merry Christmas, bloggers and bloggettes.

We are together til the end so make it memorable, peaceful and happy. Merry Christmas. Happy new Year. Love you...wait!

...Scratch that. That was for me from Mrs man tom.

You guys just Have Joy.

Bah, humbug. Feliz Navidad to all you bloggers anyway from your resident Scrooge.

Dashing to the mall
in a brand new SUV
bring your credit cards
have a spending spree

bells on registers ring
making profits bright
oh what fun it is to make
a million bucks tonight

ching ching ching
ching ching ching
selling all the way


Malls are passe’
suv’s make too much of a carbon footprint
registers no longer ring


Crawling through the web
in a new on-line cafe
cyber week is here
to heck with black Friday…

Nah, it’s just doesn’t have the same “ring” to it.

@anthony stewart - Someone capable of penning the line "hope is at bat" surely cannot really be Scrooge in his heart of hearts. I call bah, humbug on your bah, humbug. :-)

@anthony stewart - You posted another poem while I was agonizing over my two-and-a-half line comment. ^5 and Bravo!

hee hee @ Mad Hatter

I have a wicked sense of humor that often infests my attitude, must be why I like Dave. My poetry can be quite dark, but Christmas seems to bring out the "wicked elf" in me.

Joy is delivered by Dave 365 days a year. All the best to everyone, you keep me laughing.

Bravo Anthony Stewart!
Merry Christmas to all of you and to Dave and his family. I always feel better when I read the posts and the comments. You all make my day.

I remember the very first time you posted this, Dave! Merry Christmas to you and your family, as well as this merry band of crazy kids.

Merry after-Christmas to Dave and all the blogfolk.

Don't poke your eyes out!

A satisfying solstice to all.

May this Yuletide wash away all the low points of the past year in much the same way as an incoming tide raises all ships, and replace them with the memories of more joyous times to be in the coming year. Wishing all, "COMFORT, PEACE & JOY"

Wishing everyone to have a happy Christmas and grand New Year!!
But let us not forget that this is the season of the Merchant! Go get out there and
Help our merchants reduce their inventory, so they don't have to pay a year-end inventory taxes.
Remember, you can never have too many cookie turners.

Veganism now!

Up 95, around the beltway, and through the Baltimore tunnel we go...

I'll be bringing my parents up to visit my sister's family so we can enjoy some time with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Merry Christmas to you all.

A beautiful Christmas morning in Florida with some fresh squeezed o.j. to wash down cranberry walnut toast topped with Irish butter. I'm a foodie and it's a day to feast & count calories tomorrow. A great beach day with sunny skies and a high near 80°. Perfect for catching a Gulf Coast sunset this evening and counting my blessings. Happy tidings and glad tidal pools to all!

My favorite Christmas classic.

Merry Christmas!

Most sentient folks and a few sasquatches here in Flathead County wish y'all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from these guys. If you read the updates, one update describes the two as having participated in some recent 'affection sharing episodes' which is normally against the blog's strict policy. We are making an exception, OK.

Merry Blogwishes to All! You've been a joy and light in the darkness for many, many years.

Happy New Year all and keep the humor flowing - it's really necessary during a troubled time. Peace.

Merry Christmas, y'all. Hard to believe I've been here since before the beginning of this blog.
Ditto, nursecindy and Peter M.
A kind word to the overworked clerks, a smile given in return for an exasperated sigh, a laugh shared during hardships - these things I can do.
It might not get rid of bad headlines or viruses, but it sure helps on a basic level. Peace to all.

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