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December 26, 2021


Why is NASA hiring religious experts now?

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Isn't that why we're all learning Klingon ?

Since most of us are probably celebrating Kwanzaa today, perhaps we should pause for a moment and meditate with NASA on the 8th principle of Kwanzaa, which is “Don’t hedge your bets.”

I can't find this information on any respected news outlets. Just on the junk news.

I don't even know if this is real. The Star makes up stuff all the time.

Never A Straight Answer, why would anyone be surprised?

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens advise that if we are visited by any Travellers from the Cat's Eye Nebula in the Draco system, it would be a good move not to try baptizing them.

Also, the greeters of space visitors should memorize, and learn to clearly pronounce, three words: "Klaatu, Barrada, Nikto."

NASA is hiring religious experts?

That's one small step for man and one giant leap of faith for mankind!

Meanwhile, scientists in Cardiff have indicated that ammonia found in Venus's atmosphere could potentially have been put there by living organisms.

To quote Plato from Pluto, "Do say."

If for some unknown reason aliens would want to have ANYTHING with humans, you won't need a priest, you'll need a Yoga Master to instruct how to kiss your a$$ goodbye.

This is just a false-flag operation by the shapeshifting lizard people who run the Earth.

Remember the alien motto: To Serve Mankind

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