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December 02, 2021


The US Air Force is getting new tech that will make it easier for pilots to pee in flight

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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We need pictures!

Now, Dave: the 'bottle' may work for guys of the male persuasion, but not for gals of the female persuasion.

"female pilots ... would resort to 'tactical dehydration'"

Not a joking matter if you're stuck in a small jet where you can't move around for many hours. Could be even worse if you're in a two-seater aircraft.

MOTW agreed. It is called a Polymer sanitary pad, or "diaper".

Infrastructure Bill probably has whole joint resolution regarding "Briefs" vs. "Pull-Ups".

Just make an abrupt left turn to do a quarter barrel roll and open the window.

What is called for here is a Depend-able solution.

I'm sure they're very comforted in the knowledge they now can pee using only one hand.

Soon NASA will want all the credit for developing dependable seat covers.

Male pilot to female co-pilot:

"Can you grab my joystick for a minute while I engage the new auto-pisser?

AAAAAHH!!! I guess that's the cigarette lighter."

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