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December 29, 2021


Elvis's jockstrap.

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Uh...Return to Sender.

Elvis wore that jockstrap when he did NOT want to shake, rattle and roll.

You mean... all this time he's been without it ?!

Elvis the pelvis did like peanut butter & banana sandwiches, so why wouldn't he have a banana hammock?

The only way I'd pay that much would be if a living Elvis was still in the jockstrap.
Also, I'm not trying to brag or anything but, I've been to Graceland.

What nursecindy said. It was a gift from a fan and Elvis regifted it. He never even used it!

Didn't Elvis Presley's Jockstrap open for Zappa?

Did anyone check out the dimensions?

Who would want a custom jockstrap made for an E.P., extra penis?

Bonus comment:

Anything the man touched turned to penis related memorabilia. Anything his penis touched comes with an added price tag.

Elvis's jockstrap! I have a new oath to add to my repertoire.

Wasn't, Jockstrap Rock, one of Elvis's few songs that never made the charts?

I owned a vintage Elvi Rhineston Gibson Flying V Jockstrap at one time.

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