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December 07, 2021


Earth is getting a black box to record events that lead to the downfall of civilization

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner, who says "They'll need to backtrack back to Barry Manilow.")


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Project lead Hari Seldon made the case that this collection of knowledge was essential to the Foundation's success.

An indestructible "black box" made of 3-inch-thick steel and topped with solar panels was broken into in Beverly Hills at 9:07 PM last night during the city's latest 'smash and grab' incident. The offenders were apprehended at 9:09 PM and released with no bail at 9:09:37 PM. L.A.'s District Attorney says 37 seconds is a long time and is looking into why 37 seconds, a lifetime for a criminal these days?

CA Judge, "Mr. Manson you will die with a whimper. You are sentenced to 36 seconds in a maximum security prison, the harshest penalty allowed by CA law."

Manson, ^ \,,/

If we crash into the sun, will the black box survive? (not sure we should call it the "black box". I suggest we call it the "mauve box".)

If a black box records the fall of civilization will there be anyone around to hear it?

The Roswell, N.M. space aliens got a real kick from reading this article. They claim that most civilizations choose an obelisk, since they honor the deeds of those who have gone before their planet exploded.

Whereas a monolith is just a big rock.

Of course, all of this is just feel-good thing for sentient beings to do because when their planet blows up, the obelisk goes with it.

The Monument to Human Narcissism. As long as Al Gore gets credit for inventing the internet. Might want to make it readable by cockroaches.

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