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December 07, 2021


A cocaine shipment was found floating off the Florida Keys. It weighed 69 pounds

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Equal to 1,5000,000,000 Lbs. of Meth.

@- man tom - Is there an app for that?

This interdiction and seizure of 69 pounds of coke proves the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol have drug running in the Keys licked.

Was that bottles or cans?

How much is that worth in whale vomit?

If the weight was in metric, would it be the Florida Keys?

man tom-- An anonymous, fleeting, acquaintance I barely met, believes you are using the California cocaine to meth, weight scale. Using the Florida cocaine to meth weight scale, after cutting, your California meth weight is low by 1/4 of a kilo. He also advises using inaccurate drug weights can put you out of business, permanently.

Coincidentally, the guy responsible for the shipment is floating in a 55 gallon drum off the coast of New Jersey, but has as yet to be found.

Dude from my high school was trying to do the R&D to make this process more efficient when he ended up dead in a vintage British fighter jet, which happens sometimes.

The school doesn’t mention him in their alumni publications. They also leave out that noted murderer Jean Harris was on their faculty in the 1950s. Honestly, stories like that would make the alumni publications more fun, but hey.

Le Petomane -

I have a lot of experience with amphibians.

I can't even find a decent seashell when I go to the beach so I don't know how people keep finding stuff like this.

Square Groupers should be declared a protected species, requiring catch and release. More fun for everyone.


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