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December 05, 2021


Even for guys, this is a bit much.

(Thanks to Barry Nester and Holland Daze, who says “I'd love for my friends to do this for me.”)


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So it's true that old motercyclists never die, they just ride off into the sunset, headed for Bike Week.

Weekend at Bernie's 3: Road Trip.

Jeff and I have the same take on this one. Take the biker for a nice long ride, get people to buy the dead guy lots of drinks (which won't be wasted) and eventually go back to their local bar where they all watch Weekend at Bernie's. Well, all except for this one guy.


I have not seen Weekend at Bernie's. I see the movie has been out since 1989, but I have been super busy the past 32 years. I'll have to find time to watch it. Did these men not think to have a picture of their dead friend's face painted on their gas tanks? Insensitive? Yeah.

As long as he wasn't driving...

Pale Rider.

I believe this was an episode of the original CSI series.

What, it would have killed them to do this BEFORE they buried him?

This is actually a very useful article. Based on reading this, I am going to update my will with a note to my friends specifically asking them to NOT do this. It can’t be a good look and is probably not the best way to be remembered.

If I'm granted one final wish it's not going to be a motorcycle ride, unless its ti the Bunny Ranch.

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