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December 31, 2021


Thanks to all of you blogsters for being part of the vital work that this blog does. And as always,

Have Joy copy


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Jerry, George, Kramer and I are headed to Newman's to ring in the new year. I can't decide whether to bring a cinnamon or chocolate babka.

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes for a great 2022!

Are you ready? For 2022? A new day is dawning We'll catch the sun, and away we'll fly.

My back has been bothering me so I'll catch some sun sitting here in my chair while I fly. You should be able to hear me say 'Happy New Year' far off in the distance as I reach breakneck speeds.

" Time to go to work, work all day
Search for Barry's blog today..."

May 2022 bring good health and happiness to all.


"Thanks to all of you blogsters for being part of the vital work that this blog does"

You're welcome but I can't take all the credit.

Dear 2022:

Let's get it right this time.


--The U.S.A.

2022 HAS to be better than 2020 and 2021...Right? Please tell me it will be better.

RIP, Betty White. You were a shining light for many, many years.

Question: After a plastic surgeon performs a Brazilian Butt Lift, does he say "Happy New Rear"?

Benes! You want a piece of ME? Well, you're just gonna have to wait until NEXT year. Wishing one & all a New Year free of fusilli Jerrys, at least where the sun don't shine, and where the hell is my babka?

Have a happy and healthy new year Dave and family and fellow blogsters!

Only an hour and a half until The Possum Drop.

***New Year's Eve 2022 Fireworks Around The World***

Happy New Year.

Allow me to pause and assess whether I’ve missed anything yet, after a cup of coffee.

Doe to poor response and lack of interest, the year 1221 has been discontinued until further notice.


Correction: It's the year 2021 that has been cancelled.

@guy: Better late than never, but still a little too late for the marvelous & captivating Betty White. May she and Alan Ludden enjoy reunited high Password scores in perpetuity in the lightning round.

2021 just had to go and take Betty White away from us. I'm heartbroken. I read an interview that she did last year and they asked her what she would want to hear if she went to heaven. She said she would want G-d to tell her, "Welcome Betty! Here's Allen". Sue Ann Nivens will always live in my heart.
Happy New Year to everyone! May 2022 be so awesome that we forget how awful the last two years have been.

Happy New Year to our beloved Blog and his family, judi, and all you wonderful and crazy BlogFolk who keep this train a-runnin'!

RIP Betty White. Thank you for all the laughter you provided all these years. Sue Ann and Rose forever! We will never forget your tireless efforts to make the world safer for all animals, too.

Veganism now!

This breaking news as the stats on the old year start to roll in. Finally, a bit of good news related to 2021, as it's been determined to be the shortest year on record by 65.28ms! Hooray!

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