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December 09, 2021


Indian River County deputies charged the driver that drove through Grand Harbor golf course during a pursuit in Vero Beach with DUI and assault.

She already has her Florida license.

(Thanks to EricY, who says "Is this the exit for I-95?")


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Usually people veer off course when involved with a police pursuit, while in this instance one might say she Vero'd on to the course.

No doubt headed to late entry, she could have taken that Saudi Camel Beauty Pageant.

Florida doesn't have drive=thru golf yet ?!

Jodi Ann Harvey ==>
A vineyard John
Verandah In Joy
Heavy in Jordan
Hi, road-envy Jan

Boy, people sure can get pushy when they want to play through.

Anyone who has seen Caddyshack knows how dangerous golf courses can be. Residents of Indian River are lucky it was over with before the Oregon Highway Department could arrive.

Obviously, the car was driven by someone who's never seen the Blues Brothers movie, or they would have known the only way to elide the cops is by taking the short-cut through the mall.

Officials are looking into applying speed bumps around the clubhouse to prevent drive-thru drinking.

Lady, do NOT give Donald Trump any ideas, OK?

Off Topic- MOTW, you are so good with anagrams. I saw a tweet about DELTA and OMICRON variants which can be rearranged to form MEDIA CONTROL. but also can form EROTIC ALMOND. Do you have some better ideas?

Omicron Delta ==>
Old cremation
Locate nimrod
Dialect Moron
Laced monitor
Toiled romance
Democrat Lion
Moonlit cadre
Carotid lemon
Mold reaction
Creation mold
Rectal domino
Earldom tonic
Erotic almond
A liter condom
No rot claimed
No medical rot
No riot calmed

.. there are probably others ..

@MOTW - Rectal Domino sounds like a fun game.

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