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December 08, 2021


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Deceased Mathematician of the Week So Far.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I took a course in algebraic group theory when I was an undergraduate. I never realized it was so titillating.

Thanks for keeping us abreast of his passing.

The world grieves.

I don't think so...(poof!)

If his middle name is Hoff, I think his biography is available on pornhub.

...survived by his wife, Freda Tits.

If you graph his best-known function, you get a double curve with a spike at the top of each.

The mathematician was also a lover of hockey and left a huge endowment to his favorite team, The Tatsworthy Bombers. It was Tits for Tats

Sadly, he could no longer even add or subtract due to dementia.

His mammary had started to go.

Cross your heart (lifts and separates!)

I can't come to grips of this sad news.

He so loved working with big figures.

I'm told the phrase "Show us your Tits" originated at Oxford, where advanced math students would go to the chalkboard to demonstrate their solutions to problems featuring his techniques.

It's a sag day in the mathematics world. Mr. Tits had a global influence even busting over into the entertainment industry. Dolly Parton has lowered her bra to half staff in his honor.

When it comes to working with Tits, this says it all:
...(from the Wiki)Let {\displaystyle G}G be a finitely generated linear group over a field. Then two following possibilities occur:
either {\displaystyle G}G is virtually solvable (i.e. has a solvable subgroup of finite index)
or it contains a nonabelian free group (i.e. it has a subgroup isomorphic to the free group on two generators). Or put more succinctly, this is why men have such a difficult time with bra clasps..


Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.

Haven't heard that in awhile.

Are you insinuating that Mr. Titts liked smokin' big knockers?

Nice line—“His tendency to name things after himself suggests he knew his own power…”

Oh the power of Tits!!

CFields: aka: Loose Straps Mean Floppy Tits

Wasn't Tina Turner the front for The Tits Alternative before she...busted out on her own?

In higher education he was honored by the Tasmania, Texas, and Tennessee Institute of Technology.

The headline writer certainly had a fun time.

So Mr. T. went Tango Uniform, as they say in the Navy?

To honor their native son mathematics wizard, the Belgian government is commissioning a bust of Mr. Tit to be displayed at the entrance of the local Brussels Hooters.

Regarding the power of Tits, one of my fav scenes from 3rdrockfromthesun is when Sally Solomon cups her breasts and pressing them against each other comments: "Do3s this seem to make them even more powerful, to you?"

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