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December 04, 2021


Residents are fuming after a council contractor allegedly painted double yellow lines under their cars and then slapped them with a £70 fine.

The cars on Blackthorn Close in Wokingham, Berkshire, were supposedly lifted by a crane on a truck before being placed back down on the yellow lines yesterday.

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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".. and a further report is just breaking: fuming residents are ticketed for emitting .." (wait for it) ".. fumes."

When I was doing IT work for a local Community Collage, I watched when the "parking Nazis" placed a "No Parking handicapped" sign in an occupied Permitted parking space and then wrote a parking ticket for the car.
The car driver complained to the Dean and the ticket cancelled.

The Council Contractor would face a hanging penalty in Texas.

Mr. Le Petomane - speaking of hanging penalties, I want to remind you porn star Ron Jeremy got a May trial date on his sex charges. If Ron ends up with a hung jury we know it'll be a jury of his peers.

Sounds like someone may have crossed a line there.

Hold The Line

Right, a woman watch this happen and didn't take out her phone and get a picture, or charge up to the crew and smack them around?
When the article's picture was taken the cars were still there and there were a significant number of leaves on top of the supposedly freshly painted lines.

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