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December 08, 2021


Toyota Gazoo racing hits streets of Phuket Town

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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If they are aware they live in a Phuket Town, they shouldn't publicize it.

In all fairness to commenters and to promote blog literacy, blog people should know Phuket is pronounced, Pooh-ket. Not Ef-it. As for the names mentioned in the article, feel free to refer to any of them as Ef-it.

It sounds like they're gonna be Phuket up the Gazoo with noisy race cars.

Phucket, Toyota Gazoo is Great!

See the correct pronunciation here.

I prefer Wendy's pronunciation of Phuket".

I used to live near a Phuket Town with Grand Prix street races.

Then I moved away from the Detroit area.

Nothing worse than finding a gazoo in your Toyota. The dealers charge about a gazillion dollars to remove them.

Mekratchaakita Kalantonon outclassed her male rivals. Puripat Vejwongsatechawat placed second, followed by Adisak Tangpoolcharoen.

If you say so.

I would assume the announcers of the Phuket gazoo races need a vacation after giving the audience a breathless accounting of the names of the drivers and positions of each car.

Quick question-- How does a gazoo compare to a kazoo?

Mekratchaakita Mekratchaakita bo Mekratchaakita fe fi fo Mekratchaakita. Vejwongsatechawat Vejwongsatechawat bo Vejwongsatechawat fe fi fo Phuket Puripat Adisak pooh-ket. Lets, do Tangpoolcharoen...

I have a lot of experience with amphibians.

man tom--We didn't know you have been the announcer for the Phuket Gazoo races. Good job! If you get bored, I believe Jibber-Jabber is hiring.

I'm only going to go on and on with this once.

I can perfectly pronounce Richard Petty.

Should you incorrectly pronounce Tehonwaghkwangeraghkwa, just one letter wrong, you confuse people. Tehonwaghkwanger is totally wrong.

man tom--But can you perfectly pronounce Richard Petty in pig Latin?

It still sounds like you're saying: "Dick petting".

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