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December 08, 2021


More than 40 camels are disqualified from £49million Saudi beauty pageant after dozens of animals were given BOTOX, face lifts and muscle-boosting hormones

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Well, this is hump day

I suppose it made their toes look better.

Isn't this why driver's ed classes there were held only for a few days each week?

The camel's owners should have stuck with the traditional perfume, lipstick and colorful neck ribbons.

Those camels look so sexy now.

Yeah, just look at the lip fillers in that first photo.

We heard that most always the two hump camels win. We wonder why that is?

If you ever catch yourself sitting around and thinking about how to make your camel more attractive, you might want to look up a good therapist.

Snork @ nursecindy
I'm shuddering after seeing the camel with ruptured lips after the breeder injected her with Botox. My gosh. That breeder ought to be horse whipped.
Put that poor girl under a vet's care - stat!

nursecindy--The person you describe should avoid any therapist that owns a camel. Or, for that matter, any therapist who would walk a mile for one.

I rode a camel once. Her temperament was a cross between a cow and a cat. She was basically sweet, but you'd want to stay on her good side. It's a shame to see them harmed. The pageant judges need to "re-evaluate their decision-making paradigm," to quote a movie that had camels in it.

Is there a camel swimsuit competition?

In the evening gown competition, they all wear camel-flage print dresses.

Didn't last year's winner get dethroned when they discovered moose knuckle padding in her swimsuit?

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