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December 04, 2021


44-foot pyramid of washing machines breaks Guinness World Record

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That 'Pitch In' thing from the 60's is starting to kick in.

Of interest, A friend put at 'Bitch In' bumper sticker on his car Oh around 1971. The 'P" on a 'Pitch In' bumper sticker could readily be altered with magic marker into a 'B'. Hey, it was 1971. We were still using rotary dial phones and phone booths were on every corner. The word 'testing' could easily be changed to 'texting' had we known what we were doing back in the 70's.

Ralph, stop submitting stuff, you are confusing me.

He has a collection, lame one at that.

One of the dryer entries in Guiness Book of Records.

That would make a really cool gravestone for the Maytag Man.

Leader Of The Laundromat

What do washing machines have to do with recycling electronics?

pogo is an agitator. Har!

You need to have a dryer sense of humor.

I got loads of them but I'm gonna throw in the towel cuz my hands are tide.

What a sad waste of broken top loading old washing machines. Here in Geezer Acres and most of the South, they are placed on the porch, and with the addition of a bag of ice and beers, they are the biggest, cheapest beer coolers you can find. If that's not recycling, we don't know what is.

Le Pet

I'll help you clean up on those suds.

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