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November 29, 2021


Happy Hanukkah, blog people of the Tribe!


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Same to Mrs. Blog etc.

I'll take a big pile o' latkes, please

I'm not of the Tribe, but I still wish you Happy Hanukkah.

Jesus was a Jew, so that makes a lot more of us tribe members than you might imagine.

Don't Jewish YOU were having latkes for supper by the light of an oil lamp? Happy Festival of Lights, Dave & crew.

Today I learned from my partner, a member of the Tribe, that you never put onions in the damn latkes.

I just found out that you cannot make latkes in an air fryer!!!

We, not of the Tribe, have to thank the Red Sea Pedestrians for many things, especially laughter. One of my treasures is an autographed copy of the Thousand-Year-Old Man by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. Happy Hanukkah to y'all.

Skip the main course, I want another sufganiyot!

A member of the Tribe once told me I was cheap enough to be a member.

I remember a proud tribal member declaring on national TV: "We're the Fukawai?!"

Alexa turns on the electric menorah at sun down,

Youtube videos recite the Hanukkah prayers,

Carol King sings Chanukah Prayer.

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