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November 24, 2021


Meat-eating vulture bees have evolved special gut bacteria to feast on flesh

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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It may be hard to market honey that tastes like venison.

It won't be long before parents start having serious talks with their prepubescent children about the cows & the bees & the snakes.

This belongs in the Department of Things I Do Not Need to Know.

First it was killer bees, now we have meat-eating vulture bees to deal with. What we need to worry about now is venomous flying, fire snorting, giant, meat-eating lizards evolving to feast on--well anything they can catch. As we say in Flathead County, it's a thrill a minute here in the forbidden city.

If the meat eating vulture bees will eat BBQ ribs they could produce BBQ flavored honey. You could then baste some BBQ ribs with the BBQ flavored honey and repeat until you achieved the perfect flavor.

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