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November 30, 2021


A Queensland family has been shocked to find a large carpet python curled on the rear-view mirror of their car.

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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"Objectsss in the mirror are closssser than they sssseem."

Yikes - if I saw what is in the picture, I would have to abandon the car. That's it.

It was just upset not to be invited to the picnic. But they didn't have any mice for it.

So basically, an Ozzie air freshener?

That would make you hiss your pants.

That was horrible Clankie. Well done!

Here is what I would do. And very fast.

Here is a question for residents of Australia: When you buy a car, house, or whatever in Australia, does it come equipped with snakes or do they charge extra for them? I would assume if the snake was a highly venomous Eastern Brown, any warranty would be very reasonable and of short duration.

Is this the dry season in Queensland? I think anyone might be shocked by a carpet python when the air is very dry, especially if you scuff your feet when you walk on them.

Do carpet pythons actually eat carpet?
Asking for a friend.

@Lucky Jack. Nope. The reason they are called that is because they like to sleep in a carpet.

Just observing, it appears to me that possibly the two most dangerous jobs in the world would be a bomb squad technician, or a car detailer in Australia.

The snake has identity issues. It's a carpet python that thinks it is a windshield viper.

Thanks Steverino.
My wife will sleep better now.

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