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November 29, 2021


Ammo stored in toaster oven ignites at assisted living site, South Carolina cops say


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So it's a pop-pop toaster suitable for warming ricochet bisquits?

So it's a pop-pop toaster suitable for warming ricochet bisquits?

And all this time I thought toasters were bullet proof.

And I thought bullets were toaster-proof.

YAY! SOUTH CAROLINA! Competition for Florida.

hugs {{ Steverino }}

Ammo stored in oven blows - doo dah, doo dah
SC rivals Florida shows - oh, doo dah day

Must be a Ronco product. "It's a toaster! It's an ammo case!"

I agree with Dave, bullets in the microwave and BTW: hand grenades in the toaster oven.

Here in Flathead County, miners in the old days had a problem with dynamite freezing causing pure nitroglycerine crystals to form. This was something best avoided so they tried to store it in stove ovens. The survivors quicky realized this was a bad move and nowadays only newcomers store anything that can explode in an oven. The newbies who don't learn to take lessons from history usually leave rather hastily.

I usually keep my ammo in the crockpot.

Can you buy ammo that's dishwasher-safe?

MYTHBUSTERs TV show did one on bullets being tossed into a campfire. Their conclusion was that it was nearly impossible to get any kind of deadly velocity from the exploding shells. The casing was much lighter than the bullet and since not in a gun chamber was the one propelled the fastest. Of course they didn't say it was impossible to get killed and a casing can poke your eye out.

Possibly related...

Soon Ronco will be marketing 50 calibre toasters, while those holding elected office will want to confiscate our toasters in the interest of national security. Remember: when toasters are outlawed, only outlaws will have toasters.

Nothing says "leggo my Eggo" like some hot lead.

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