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November 05, 2021


Bridgeport mail carrier robbed of rubber bands at gunpoint

(Thanks to Ralph)


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- police said they found a small amount of PCP in Ortiz’s pocket.

No s**t Sherlock?

The 60's are like ancient history so let me put it this, "Way."

“This is so me.” Good through 2022.

In Texas, theft of rubber bands isn't a hanging offense, oddly enough. But in Bridgeport they do take rubber band robbery serious enough to hold the one perp on a $50,000 bond, which is a good start. Bet that will give future rubber band robbers something to think about.

When the felons lose their court case, they'll face a stretch in prison.

Rubberband Man

Not to be out-dressed. Followed by Psychedelic Shack

He's already got a gun, why does he need a slingshot?

So rather than, oh, going to the dollar store, they held her up at GUNPOINT to get her rubber bands?


I’m fairly certain that the rubber bands are not the important issue. The fact that this maniac is threatening people with a hand gun makes this a lot less funny. He had a younger relative with him. Maybe he was trying to show “junior” the proper way to commit an armed robbery. Perhaps junior will take the appropriate lesson away from this unfortunate incident.

For whatever reason, those postal service rubber bands are the best. I hoard them all year to prepare for a big mailing I have to do every January. It never occurred to me that I could just rob a postal carrier at gunpoint to get some.

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